Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

August 6, PLLPS Loses our Friend and Treasurer

Barbara Loukota Passes Away after a Brief Illness

On August 6th, 2010, PLLPS lost our treasurer, Barbara Loukota, after a short illness. Barbara joined us in 2007 "just" to offer her financial expertise to get the books of our fledgling organization in order. Barbara took on the task and in very short order transformed us from the chaos of pencil and paper spreadsheets and had our books automated. Little did she know what the next 3 years would hold. Barbara took over the gift shop that we have at the open house events and organized our inventory and sales reporting. However, even that wasn't enough for our Barbara, she created a number of unique items to be sold in the gift shop from framed needlepoint artwork to replicas of the lighthouse complex. The beauty of the Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex has drawn many volunteers under its spell and Barbara was no exception. Barbara was a true trooper- she not only volunteered when the weather was beautiful, but also when it was cold, raining, or horridly hot and humid. One open house in particular was so hot that Barbara later said she was fine- after she went home and drank a gallon of water to "reconstitute" herself. That was Barbara- always willing to laugh at obstacles and difficulties, focusing on getting the job done. Our volunteers and visitors will dearly miss Barbara; she was a critical and very fun part of our team. Our hearts go out to Barbara's family and friends.

We will all miss Barbara but are grateful for the time we spent together. She lives on in our hearts and with our volunteers Kim Hammond and Dustin Rusk, Barbara's beloved daughter and grandson.

Eunice Knott, Barbara Loukota and Robert Hall in the PLLPS gift shop in the north side living room. Barbara was right at home in the gift shop.

One of two lighthouse models that Barbara Loukota made for our cause. This larger model is on display at the Nature Center at Point Lookout State Park; the smaller version that Barbara made is used as a mobile unit for times when PLLPS goes on the road and needs to show the world what we are trying to save.