Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

April 26, 2008 Another Productive June Workday

June 27, 2009

Volunteers from the Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society spent a another very productive workday moving forward with maintaining the lighthouse. We removed trees from the coal and buoy shed area, where the fog bell tower was once located. We also worked on the flag pole to ensure that we would be able to raise the flag at our July Open House Event. The painting continued on the front porch, which was in desperate need of a few good coats of white paint. We also removed garbage from the basement area. The remains of a 40 year old chair were hauled off, along with numerous other small items that retain moisture which would pose long term problems for the historic structure. Be sure to visit our Flickr photostream at:


East side of coal shed

The tree stands as an odd placeholder for the bell tower which now resides in St. Michaels Maryland. PLLPS hopes to have the belltower returned to the Point Lookout Lighthouse Complex in the near future

Ralph, Robert, Mitchell Montgomery and William Valleta push the flag pole skyward

Dustin, Lisa and William pull as the flagpole ascends to the sky

Testing the Rigging

Hobie tests the flag rigging

Testing the placement of the flags

Old Glory flaps in the breeze

The never ending task of painting the porch

Lisa works on painting the Potomac River side porch

Mowing the lawn to be ready for open house

Ralph dutifully mows the lawn to keep the station looking sharp

Robert helping Sandra and Lisa paint the porch

Robert helps Sandra by painting the porch ceiling

Hauling off a log

Hobie and Ralph make quick work of the remaining tree branches.

Rusty Water heater from the damp basement

Lisa, William and Mitchel haul the water heater out of the basement

Rusty Water Heater

William and Mitchel prepare to load the rusty water heater into Robert's truck

Photos by Sandra Sableski