Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society (PLLPS), Inc.

November Open House Bittersweet as We Say Goodbye to Longtime Volunteer Sandra Sableski

November Open House Bittersweet as
We Say Farewell to Longtime Volunteer Sandra Sableski

October 25th and November 1st, 2014

On October 25th, PLLPS volunteers took our longtime volunteer Sandra Sableski to the Lighthouse Restaurant in Solomons. We figured a place with Lighthouse in its name was only fitting to thank her for her hard work all over the country since 2000, but especially for her efforts at Point Lookout, where she would ultimately spend the most amount of time during her lighthouse career. We also wanted to wish her well in the next chapter of her life, unfortunately for us, outside the state of Maryland. We will all miss Sandra and it will just not be the same without her- although we know she will be with us in "spirit", no pun intended! As of October 25th, 2014, Sandra joins former keeper Ray Hartzel and former resident Eunice Knott as lifetime members of the PLLPS family. Chuck presented Sandra with a plaque, made of wood from the flag pole that stood watch at Point Lookout for many years, so that Sandra will always have a piece of our beloved lighthouse by her side. The plaque reads:

Presented to

Sandra Sableski

In recognition and thanks for her long and tireless efforts in advancing the preservation of the

Point Lookout Lighthouse

Presented by the

Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society

this 25th Day of October 2014

Plaque made from part of the wooden flagpole that stood guard over the lighthouse

Sandra holds up her well deserved plaque

Sandra smiles, holding the PLL Bumper Sticker

Judy, Missy, Lisa and Josh share a laugh.

Ralph, Judy and Missy.

Sandra Opens gifts from Kim Hammond and Lisa Kane.

More gifts!

Josh gives Sandra a much deserved hug.

November 1st, final open house of the 2014 season

Nita, Judy, Carlie and Faith in the PLLPS Gift Shop.
Faith's fingers fly on the cash register- with speed and accuracy!

Ray Hartzel and his daughters Beth Hartzel and Karen Martin chatting with open house visitors.

Even on her last day, Sandra is helping to count our inventory.

We hope to see everyone in 2015, our first open house will be on Saturday, April 4, 2015. We hope that Sandra can come back and visit her- and our- favorite lighthouse in the near future. Many thanks from all your friends at the Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society. We will miss your friendship and dedication to our Southern MD gem.